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Lagoom Living: affordable residential rental in Malaga.

LAGOOM LIVING, the brand of LAGOOM LIVING REIM S.A., a Real Estate Investment Management company specializing in the 360º development of quality assets for residential rental at affordable prices, began its landing in Malaga city during the past year 2022.

Since then, it has become a benchmark in its sector thanks to initiatives such as Lagoom Living Sánchez Blanca, acquiring land for the development of 292 quality RL BTR homes for affordable rental in the Zeta District, one of the most modern expansion areas of the Malaga city. With an investment volume of 79 million euros, they have already applied for the first licenses.

Its business plan also focuses on quality Protected Housing for affordable rental, as reflected in the acquisition of land under transformation in Malaga, to give continuity and collaborate with the rehabilitation and regeneration process of the urban core of the city.

In this sense, Lagoom Living acquired the lot that makes up the registered properties that are members of the execution unit UE 22/23 “Lagunillas”, from the PEPRI center of Malaga.

The proposal called Lagoom Living Lagunillas, combines the construction of 117 subsidized homes for rent, with an investment volume of 21 million euros. The proposal will enjoy an avant-garde design, BREEAM certification and will be integrated, providing a sense of belonging to the community, within the same intervention and with the architectural proposals coordinated with each other, providing it with common “coworking” work spaces, amenities, laundry services , parcels and networking, in order to have a common language, interactivity and the creation of a community ecosystem under the PAAS (Product As A Service) concept.

For Javier Braza and Filip Gil, Founders of Lagoom Living, it is vital to improve the necessary Public-Private cohesion for the development of this type of initiative. Once the first phase of its 2022 business plan has been executed, with the acquisition of land for 409 homes in Malaga Capital and with an investment volume of approximately 100 million euros, the objective for this year is to increase its portfolio by 600 units. , becoming the biggest BTR player in Malaga.

The Lagoom Living real estate investment company is advised by the prestigious Gómez Acebo & Pombo law firm and the Public-Private Initiatives (IPP). These collaborative actions with the administration are essential in its business model with a clear philosophy of permanence and service to the community.

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