We are a Real Estate Investment Company specialized in the development of 360º quality residential rental properties at affordable prices.

We offer a complete service, taking responsibility for the entire process: from market research, searching for suitable land for development, creating partnerships, collaboration with the authorities participating in public-private initiatives to product design, marketing and operational management.

At Lagoom Living we want to contribute to and promote developing and improving the quality rental housing market. We work in order to offer quality living to all the residents of the cities we serve.



With society.

We believe in diversity and inclusion as the basis of a prosperous and fair society. We apply this idea to our organization, offering our employees equal opportunities and caring for their wellbeing by undertaking various initiatives.

We engage with local communities through our business by promoting employment and training, and generating value for sustainable growth in the region .

With environment.

We actively participate in the design of all our projects with the aim of achieving responsible construction that reduces our carbon footprint, thereby decreasing the overall impact on our environment.

This sustainable design allows us to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, giving our properties a high energy rating thanks to our commitment to the environment.

With the community.

We strive to satisfy the demands of all our partners, whether they are investors, employees, suppliers or public or private organizations. We drive change so that our actions generate value at levels for all of these players.


We firmly believe in the value of doing things with quality in mind from the design of the homes to promoting a unique and different product, in which we continuously incorporate features in the buildings that safeguard the value of the property and the quality of living for tenants.


We establish relationships with total transparency in our professional relationships and with the local government, as well as with the end clients of our projects. Our intention is always an institutional investment with a long-term view in the best interests and viability of the projects, in terms of profitability and return.


We shape ideas by transforming our community with talent and energy. We promote a culture of innovation, working with an open model to drive social change and developing innovation in all kinds of public-private initiatives. 


At LAGOOM LIVING we actively participate in the entire process of creating sustainable value for each of our assets in our investment portfolio.

A building generates various types of costs during its life cycle. Reducing costs in the short term does not always provide optimal savings in the long term, and for this reason, sustainability costs are one of the best investments that can be made today.


We are a company that is committed to the transition of society. Ensuring that each project is approached from the perspective of sustainability, technology and the community. Taking into account people’s real needs.