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Agreement between fadeco promotores & lagoom living to promote private-public collaboration in andalusia

The Andalusian Federation of Property Developers, FADECO PROMOTORES, and the real estate investment management company, LAGOOM LIVING, have signed an innovative collaboration agreement for 2023.

Andalusia, 23 January 2023.

On Wednesday 18 January, FADECO PROMOTORES and the investment company that specialises in quality affordable build-to-rent housing, LAGOOM LIVING, signed a collaboration agreement. The signing took place at the headquarters of the Andalusian Federation on the Isla de la Cartuja in Seville.

This strategic alliance for the year of 2023 represents the concerted effort of both organisations, which share the common priority goal to analyse, develop and implement measures that will facilitate access for the whole of society, in particular young people, to rental housing.

Both organisations are aware that any solution will require ambitious measures which can only arise from study and analysis conducted by multidisciplinary teams of professionals with the highest legal and technical competence at a national level. To meet the challenge, the organisations have set up an Executive Working Committee whose principal goals are to:

Highlight the suitability of private-public collaboration as a real solution to the problem of access to quality rental housing.

Propose measures that, in this sector, strike a balance between the interests of business and public authorities, with particular reference to society’s needs.

Formulate and present proposals for improvement to the different public authorities.

Various public authorities are requesting private-public collaboration initiatives and bids to construct affordable, quality rental housing, but not all of the calls have attracted the same private sector participation. Bearing this in mind, Ignacio Peinado -President of the Federation of Andalusian Developers-, Filip Gil and Javier Braza -board members of LAGOOM LIVING– agree that there is an overwhelming need for this innovative agreement to be based on conducting a thorough analysis of the situation, and comparative studies of current legislation governing the development of quality, affordable, build-to-rent housing countrywide. This process should cover all of the proposals in the different autonomous communities and document any suggestions for improvement that may arise with reference to updating regulations and including clauses that can be added to bid specifications governing the construction and development of quality affordable build-to-rent housing by means of any existing private-public collaboration formulas in order to improve their feasibility.

A multidisciplinary expert team of recognised standing and experience will undertake this work, and make their conclusions known within the coming months both to the Authorities and to the public. It is hoped that this will provide the necessary impetus to start to meet the steadily increasing need for quality affordable build-to-rent housing, a sector that is experiencing great demand not only in Andalusia but all over the country.

Both FADECO PROMOTORES and LAGOOM LIVING are firmly committed to social transformation and approach each project with their sights set on sustainability, technology and membership of a community, in the hope of rehabilitating and regenerating the urban centres of our autonomous community by means of priority actions in the very short term. To accomplish this, the raw material -affordable land- must be made available and the production cycle of administrative process times needs to be reasonable, putting the real needs of real people front and centre, with a focus on quality affordable build-to-rent housing.

“All urban planning actions in the large provincial capitals hold back vast tracts of land for residential construction that have come from compulsory cessions. Delaying the development of this land -which should be made available for people- is not acceptable nor should the process of regenerating towns suffer the limbo it is subjected to by public administrations.” They affirm.

An ambitious, novel collaboration agreement that forms part of the collaborative process between the two organisations is a first step in private-public collaboration since its results will be made available to the Authorities to facilitate a common objective: the development of affordable housing with at a reasonable rent.


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